(From yesterday's Flickr Group Roulette EVIL TWIN day.)

I'm one less, but that won't stop my evil twin! She kept trying to poke me right where I got my final Gardasil shot. Clones can be so insensitive. I kept saying that my arm was still tender. She kept saying that the bandaid looked like a target.

-Had a semi-good voice lesson.

-Last night, I reached into my shower caddy to root around for my comb and ended up slicing the tip of my index finger on my four-blade razor. So, fucking OUCH.

-Played Kung Fu Panda video game and had pumpkin cake with Music Jared, Cowboy Andy, Amanda and Jen last night. Was fun, and delicious.

-While walking down the hill to the Walgreen Drama Center to see some friends in a show, I was about to cross a street when my feet FLEW out from under me and my body flipped around and I smash-landed on my right knee. Which now hurts. Oh, life. Tuesday Gardasil pain, wednesday my sliced finger, today my knee. What tomorrow?


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