That is a quote from Mona Lisa Overdrive, which I just took the last 2 and a half hours to finish reading. Guys, seriously, the book was amazing. I haven't felt that thrilled with finishing a book in quiiiite a while. William Gibson sort of owns my soul right now, and I can't wait to pick up another book of his next time I make it to the library.

Anyone read the book? Because I love talking about books with people. I also love to dog-ear pages of quotes that jump out at me and then revisit them when I've finished the book, and then put them here on my livejournal! haha.


He could remember every step of the Judge's construction, if he wanted to, and sometimes he did, just for the comfort of being able to. He couldn't remember when he hadn't been able to remember, but sometimes he almost could.

The Chinese cook spoke to her in Spanish; she ordered by pointing.

Kumiko felt the cold recede, but not the numbness.

"You're horrid."
"Danielle is a horror, missy."
"Look who's talking."
"Ah," said the hairdresser, narrowing his eyes, "but my soul is a child's."

It isn't like she's that strong, Mona thought, it's like she knows which way to throw the weight.

To look into gone eyes, the light already fading. Just a long, longest way away.


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