I love Buster Bluth.
Ohmygod, I love this whole freaking show.

Thank god I was forced to watch Arrested Development, thus falling into new obsession. Oh boy.

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GOD IT IS A FREAKING GOOD SHOW. I think I've seen it 2.5 times through. Got my pseudo girlfriend hooked on it too. And it turns out she was an extra in a dance scene in the first season! (She used to do extra/background work for shows and had never seen the show, haha).

From: [identity profile] msalicenutting.livejournal.com


Buster might actually be my favorite character. Though Tobias definitely delivers the most laughs, especially in season 2.

From: [identity profile] bowiebabe21.livejournal.com

It really does turn into an obsession. I've been watching the three seasons on repeat pretty much all semester.

My favorite is the one episode where they all do their chicken impressions at Michael, genius!

From: [identity profile] comedykitty.livejournal.com

YEEEEEEES!!! Buster is AMAZING (and is a reoccuring guest star on Chuck right now, which makes me so happy...)

I have to say, Gob might be my favorite, but Buster is RIGHT behind him. And the chicken dance will always be my favorite :)

From: [identity profile] msalicenutting.livejournal.com

...but Buster is RIGHT behind him

That's what she (he?) said.

I'm sorry, I just feel that Gob would make that joke too, and who am I to deny him?


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