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([personal profile] alpal May. 6th, 2009 12:54 pm)
If anyone is actually seeing this, how the eff do I put my reading page in chronological order?!? THIS IS WEIRD. :(

From: [personal profile] beautifulfic

Hi hun,

Mine's in chronological order automatically. Is it still being weird-ass?

B xxx
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From: [personal profile] pandoraculpa

It's all good- it was my fault. Really.

(FYI- you can change the date of a comm post, but you can't really backdate it so it shows up in proper chronological order. What a bite, eh?)
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From: [personal profile] pandoraculpa

If its the WTF entries that are messing with you, don't worry about it. I backdated those when I added them to the new comm last night, but it won't allow you to click the tickybox that actually puts them where they belong. So [community profile] wtf_hollow has about 22 entries that are dated properly, but not in any real order. Weird that they don't allow the comms to backdate.

But that should be the only issue, really. Everything else has been working fine for me.


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