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Sloppy writing. Just... bah. It was pretty much a lame-o version of the Season 2 finale. With extra frozen sperm.

: ( I miss the old House.

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I haven't been watching the second half of this season at all for that same reason. But still. OMG. It was different this time.

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I think what happened is that they went all the right places in all the wrong ways. They were right to bring House to the mental breakdown. They were right to explore his feelings for Cuddy, and they were right to bring in Anne Dudek again and look closely at that aftermath. But honestly? Less of the shock, more of the substance. More Amber, please. Deeper into House's head and less of the Chase/Cameron and Foreman/Thirteen bullshit that's weighing us down. Don't give us 50 minutes of crap just for 10 minutes of something that might be potentially interesting.

Next season, they better fucking GO THERE. They had a great chance to this season, and they kind of dicked around. It's about damn time.

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I rewatched with my roommate (she got home late) and I think I've sorted out the actual events of the episode. But, WOW.

Still stunned.


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