So that song 'Smile (Though Your Heart is Breaking)' is amazing. And I was just listening to Judy Garland singing it, which I've had on Itunes ever since I went on a Judy Garland/Julie Andrews music kick. But anyway, it's a beautiful song, Donna Lynne even sang it at one of her hat shows (although I can't exactly remember the context), and I was contemplating using it as a back-up song to sing at my end-of-semester recital if my voice teacher decides not to let me sing Voi Che Sapete, which we started working on this week. So I went on youtube to see other people singing it. There's Judy Garland, who is classic and amazing:

Judy Garland )

Then Barbara Streisand sings it. Because hey, she's Babs, and she's fucking fierce.

Hell, even MICHAEL JACKSON spontaneously bursts into singing it once in a while:
Michael Jackson )

Those are all well and good. But I don't think ANYTHING can make up for this TRAVESTY.

Yeah, bastardized and sung by Robert Downey Jr. I hate when youtube does things like this. I hate when SINGERS do things like this. It's just... bad. Like something that should have been playing in that shiteous movie 'Hackers'. gah. Stupid.

As Emily said: "but what do you want, he was on meth for like ever" I guess it MAKES SENSE at least.


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