So that song 'Smile (Though Your Heart is Breaking)' is amazing. And I was just listening to Judy Garland singing it, which I've had on Itunes ever since I went on a Judy Garland/Julie Andrews music kick. But anyway, it's a beautiful song, Donna Lynne even sang it at one of her hat shows (although I can't exactly remember the context), and I was contemplating using it as a back-up song to sing at my end-of-semester recital if my voice teacher decides not to let me sing Voi Che Sapete, which we started working on this week. So I went on youtube to see other people singing it. There's Judy Garland, who is classic and amazing:

Judy Garland )

Then Barbara Streisand sings it. Because hey, she's Babs, and she's fucking fierce.

Hell, even MICHAEL JACKSON spontaneously bursts into singing it once in a while:
Michael Jackson )

Those are all well and good. But I don't think ANYTHING can make up for this TRAVESTY.

Yeah, bastardized and sung by Robert Downey Jr. I hate when youtube does things like this. I hate when SINGERS do things like this. It's just... bad. Like something that should have been playing in that shiteous movie 'Hackers'. gah. Stupid.

As Emily said: "but what do you want, he was on meth for like ever" I guess it MAKES SENSE at least.
This psychic keeps going on and on about how "ONLY ONE OF US WILL SURVIVE, it is a PROPHECY." And this one guy's dad just got killed by a falling rock and the psychic is like 'bwahahah, he's DEAD. only one will survive," so the guy goes "ok so DIE then!" so he shoots her with a laser, and she dies.

BUT THEN there was one other soldier standing with the woman, and the guy who killed her just sort of looks at him, awkwardly, and...basically, puts a bomb on the soldier's shirt, shrugs, says 'you heard the prophecy' and runs off.

AND THE SOLDIER JUST TAKES IT! And it is AMAZING. Pure and total crack.

Captain Jack Harkness as Patty Hearst, between seasons 1 and 2 of Torchwood. Made for [ profile] mclachlan, who helped inspire this.


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