This psychic keeps going on and on about how "ONLY ONE OF US WILL SURVIVE, it is a PROPHECY." And this one guy's dad just got killed by a falling rock and the psychic is like 'bwahahah, he's DEAD. only one will survive," so the guy goes "ok so DIE then!" so he shoots her with a laser, and she dies.

BUT THEN there was one other soldier standing with the woman, and the guy who killed her just sort of looks at him, awkwardly, and...basically, puts a bomb on the soldier's shirt, shrugs, says 'you heard the prophecy' and runs off.

AND THE SOLDIER JUST TAKES IT! And it is AMAZING. Pure and total crack.
[33] Doctor Who 4x13, spoilers for Journey's End.


Charlie Chaplin... )
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( Jun. 29th, 2008 12:45 am)
The following is an AIM conversation:

AlexandrAshbrook: ok mum. going to sleep now.
Nellie Loves You: I gotta sleep
Nellie Loves You: lol
AlexandrAshbrook: hah
Nellie Loves You: wow
AlexandrAshbrook: oh yeah.
Nellie Loves You: Well then since this is goodbye
Nellie Loves You: Rose Tyler, I....
Nellie Loves You has gone offline
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( Jun. 7th, 2008 01:49 am)

Ali gave me the idea without realizing, I think.

Luuucyyyy, I'm HOOOOOME! )

Ohhh, those Brits and their BBC Christmas Specials. I thought Dr. Who season 2 started with, I don't know, EPISODE ONE. And if it weren't for Lindsay, I'd have kept on believing it. But holy hell, when the TARDIS lands in Lonon and David Tennant comes out, that is a great moment. Seriously great moment, not gonna lie.

I've seen all of Torchwood. And Noah, Matt and Justine still are not my friends and have made no signs of contact or apologies, so no more Dr. Who thursdays. Sometimes when you want to do things, you have to do them yourself.

AND OH MY GOD BUT DANIEL EVANS IS ON DR WHO!!! HE'S ON THIS CHRISTMAS SPECIAL. I screamed when I saw his cute little face doing a news report on some satellite in space. And then imdb confirmed it. (Daniel Evans is currently starring as George in Sunday in the Park with George AND HE'S ON DR WHO!!!

This is just like the time Alice Coote was on Torchwood. hahah....


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