She's singing Coldplay's 'Viva la Vida' and is a total fucking bamf genius and I am totally in love with her.

not the best audio quality. but this song is beautiful.

Also, totally unrelated, but this picture is pretty fucking epic:

and this song too:

just shut up and listen to it, because i totally love it.
The Smiths: The Boy with the Thorn in his Side

I did something new and decided to put some of my photography into the vid, so you don't have to just stare at me for the entire thing. Sorry about the lack of dancing David Tennant, Bryan Dick and other Blackpool cast members.
So that song 'Smile (Though Your Heart is Breaking)' is amazing. And I was just listening to Judy Garland singing it, which I've had on Itunes ever since I went on a Judy Garland/Julie Andrews music kick. But anyway, it's a beautiful song, Donna Lynne even sang it at one of her hat shows (although I can't exactly remember the context), and I was contemplating using it as a back-up song to sing at my end-of-semester recital if my voice teacher decides not to let me sing Voi Che Sapete, which we started working on this week. So I went on youtube to see other people singing it. There's Judy Garland, who is classic and amazing:

Judy Garland )

Then Barbara Streisand sings it. Because hey, she's Babs, and she's fucking fierce.

Hell, even MICHAEL JACKSON spontaneously bursts into singing it once in a while:
Michael Jackson )

Those are all well and good. But I don't think ANYTHING can make up for this TRAVESTY.

Yeah, bastardized and sung by Robert Downey Jr. I hate when youtube does things like this. I hate when SINGERS do things like this. It's just... bad. Like something that should have been playing in that shiteous movie 'Hackers'. gah. Stupid.

As Emily said: "but what do you want, he was on meth for like ever" I guess it MAKES SENSE at least.
Three songs I would like to share.

1) Portishead (and Moloko), 'Fun for Me'
Back when Glenn and I were set on doing our Portishead cover band, back in 2003/2004 (before he got creepy to the point where i couldn't deal with him anymore), this was the first song we were going to do. It's whimsy, silly, and very twisted.
I told Ali that I would punch Gareth David-Lloyd in the face if he ever covers this song.

2) Portishead, 'It's a Fire'
From my days in the Matrix fandom, The Construct, and a whole group of friends came together in a beautiful way. I haven't listened to this song in years, and when I finally did tonight, it almost made me cry. Really a beautiful song, not scary like some Portishead can be. It's just... light, beautiful.

3) Sarah Dooley, 'Father, Father'
Great song, and it's pretty much unknown. It reminds of staying over at someone else's house, and they live in the country, in the middle of nowhere, where you can see every star in the hemisphere, and the moon is bright and the sky is clear and there are crickets, and you're in a guest bedroom and look out the window. That's what this is like. It also reminds me of peaceful nights when I used to go camping with my girl-scout troupe.
Los Campesinos!: We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives

(My current jam. No, Becca, not 'Because We Want To', hahaha.)

The International Tweexcore Underground
"I never got my ears pierced, and look how I turned out."

This video really shows how eclectic and wonderful a band they all are. I want to just go have a party with them.

Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks

The first song of theirs that I ever heard, and this is a real crappy vid and real crappy audio, but I REALLY want someone to be able to go to their show with me on may 19th.

C is the Heavenly Option

"Or should you c) kiss her till she's obsessed."