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( Mar. 19th, 2009 02:18 am)
I've been spending the afternoons out on my porch, because it's so warm and beautiful. Click the pictures for larger (and please do, especially that first one. larger has really neat details).

(From yesterday's Flickr Group Roulette EVIL TWIN day.)

I'm one less, but that won't stop my evil twin! She kept trying to poke me right where I got my final Gardasil shot. Clones can be so insensitive. I kept saying that my arm was still tender. She kept saying that the bandaid looked like a target.

-Had a semi-good voice lesson.

-Last night, I reached into my shower caddy to root around for my comb and ended up slicing the tip of my index finger on my four-blade razor. So, fucking OUCH.

-Played Kung Fu Panda video game and had pumpkin cake with Music Jared, Cowboy Andy, Amanda and Jen last night. Was fun, and delicious.

-While walking down the hill to the Walgreen Drama Center to see some friends in a show, I was about to cross a street when my feet FLEW out from under me and my body flipped around and I smash-landed on my right knee. Which now hurts. Oh, life. Tuesday Gardasil pain, wednesday my sliced finger, today my knee. What tomorrow?
(I'd really appreciate opinions and constructive criticism.)

Instead of doing anything social tonight, I did the laundry, and then made a stop-motion video where the laundry all folded itself. I assure you, the lack of socializing was not my choice, but everything's still so fucked up that going out at all with anyone feels like I'm just imposing. So the hermit took control of the camera.
Song by Badly Drawn Boy.

This is the Walgreen Drama Center, where I spend a whole lot of my time. Between classes, before auditions, or just hanging out.

Some BFAs on the bus.

In this post:
*a metal gate
*a PEAR tree!
*plants growing around a gate
*an agoraphobic's mailbox
*subconscious nipples/sparkly glass cookie jars
*a Dalmatian with excellent focus
*a kayak on legs
*fire in the sky

I'm still looking for your love. Even more than your kiss, I think that's what I miss. )

"Man I am so hungover today."

My neighbor Viktor, coming home from a very long night. Click the picture for a larger view. You can see his strange mohawk up close.